Site hosted by Build your free website today! is a private class IP tends to which is utilized as the default portal address to get to administrator board of the switch. can likewise be utilized to set up your system. Private IP Addresses are intended to be novel and can't be allocated to more than each gadget in turn, and is no special case. 

How to login to

To get to the, you have to initially ensure that the default portal address or the default residential area your switch is This location is generally utilized by the Comcast/Xfinity for the administrator board of their switches. When affirmed, you can follow these means to sign in to 

Open an internet browser. 

Snap or type in the location bar. 

A login page will show up. Enter the username and secret key of your switch's administrator board. (Here's default switch username and secret word list) 

You will be presently signed in into your switch's settings or administrator board and roll out the necessary improvements. Login Troubleshooting 

In the event that the administrator board is stacking excessively moderate/not opening at that point ensure your switch default IP Address is If not attempt other IP – or

On the off chance that you changed your username/secret word and overlooked it, at that point to reset your switch to default settings check the rear of your switch there will be a little "RESET" button, utilize a pin/toothpick and press the reset catch for 15 secs.